Through sport the StreetGames Network changes sport, changes communities and changes lives.

The StreetGames charity was set up by half a dozen organisers of neighbourhood sports projects. In 2005 they came together to make sport more widely available for disadvantaged young people and to maximize the power of sport to change young lives and to change disadvantaged communities.

Two years after deciding to set up the charity, StreetGames secured funding from the Sport England Lottery and officially launched in January 2007.

StreetGames promotes Doorstep Sport – that is sport in disadvantaged communities that takes place at the right time, at the right place, in the right style, at the right price and delivered by the right people. Sport changes lives. It makes us fitter and healthier. Participation opens doors to new places and allows young people to make new friends. It provides them with fresh challenges and opportunities to realise their potential.

Doorstep Sport broadens horizons and raises ambitions. Young people learn the skills and build the confidence they need to outperform the expected norms of their neighbourhood. By increasing their expectations of what they can achieve and keeping out of trouble, securing an apprenticeship or gaining a place at university become realistic options.

This partnership sees StreetGames become the charity partner for PlayFootball and aims to create affordable venue hire for StreetGames projects for regular sessions, festivals and events.  StreetGames and PlayFootball have committed to working together to ensure more young people living in disadvantaged communities have access to high quality facilities to play sport and be active.


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